Thursday, January 22, 2015

Walt Disney World Marathon

Day 4.

This is it.

The big one.

The Marathon!

I headed out to the race alone. Nate would come out later on, but there was no need for him to be there super early again. I was more awake surprisingly for this run. I checked a bag with my jacket in it, but I was wearing a tank top for the run. The day would be warmer than before. The news was reporting rain, but not until later on in the day.

Marathon Course!

I would be running through all 4 parks today along with Wide World of Sports and the Disney Speedway. The first half of the course is pretty similar to the half course. . I did get to run through the castle unlike during the half. I also stopped for a picture in front of the castle. 

Courtesy of Marathonfoto

I also got a picture with the White Rabbit. (I seem to get a picture with him a lot.)

Courtesy of Marathonfoto

The big difference with the half and full course is running along the speedway. A lot of people hate the speedway, but I like it. You can't run on a race track normally and I've grown up with cars so I think that it's cool. 

Courtesy of Marathonfoto

From Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom there is a lot of highway. It can be a little boring, but not too bad. This is where I took my second picture of the day, with the villains!

These are my people!

I feel like we entered the backroads to Animal Kingdom a lot earlier than I remember. I wish we ran through this park more, but most of the runners get there around park opening so it makes sense. I had no idea what my pace really was because I had made a bathroom stop and added a half mile onto my mileage. I knew that I wanted to ride Expedition Everest during the marathon. I didn't do it before and I don't plan on doing another marathon so this was my chance. I got into the single rider line and I was on there!

You don't get to ride a roller coaster during your marathon?

Woo hoo!

It gave me a boost. I was feeling amazing. This was probably my favorite time on this ride. I smiled and laughed the whole time. I did get cold, but warmed back up quickly. I wish there wasn't so much construction going on at this park, but I can get over it. They do have a lot of signs on the walls for people to take pictures with and upload.

Can you tell that those trees are fake behind me?
Courtesy of Marathonfoto

Remember the rain I had mentioned? On the highway to Wide World of Sports the rain came down. I knew that Nate was there somewhere, but I didn't want to ruin my phone so I had to hope I'd see him.The rain stopped, but started again. It was actually nice to get a cool down. It did get a little harder which made it harder to see with rain in your face, but nothing too bad. I walked a lot of Wide World of Sports until they gave out a banana which helped get my energy back up. Soon after, I saw Nate which was awesome. 

Soon I was heading towards Hollywood Studios. I was interested in seeing how the course would be now that the Backlot Tour is closed and you run through it. Through the costume tunnel they had fog and strobe lights. I hated it. I just pushed through the tunnel and was so excited to see light! There is construction going on here too including the Magic Hat. I'm glad I got a few pictures before the hat got the wall around it, but soon the parks will be redone and look great. 

Courtesy of Marathonfoto

After leaving Hollywood Studios we went along the Yacht and Beach Club. There are always a lot of people out and about here. It's nice to get the spectator support here too. 

Soon we were in Epcot. I honestly was ready to be done running, but was so excited that I was so close to finishing another marathon. I saw Nate again on the bridge heading into Future World. He asked if I wanted a doughnut. (Have you ever seen the doughnuts in this place? They are huge!!!) I said "No! I want to be finished!" In reality that is I want to finish and have a doughnut. (I did not get a doughnut.) Getting to mile 26 and seeing that choir, knowing that throughout the doors are people cheering you on as you make your way to the finish is a feeling that I can't fully describe. It is amazing! It is emotional! It is the moment you can just stop and be thankfully for everything. Finishing was amazing. I cried a little. I was so thankful to every single volunteer. I got my medal. I got my ice. I got a wet towel (which I hear are pricey). 

Courtesy of Marathonfoto
Courtesy of Marathonfoto

Remember when I said that no one knew what we were suppose to do without bracelets? Now was the first time the tent for Goofy/Dopey was being used for anything outside of herding us through! There was someone looking at our bibs and then a computer. (I'm guessing it was a picture from the expo and our times that we finished the previous 3 days? I should have turned around to see.) Hearing them say "Congratulations. You're all set." was the best. Next I got my Goofy and Dopey medals! There may have been a tear or two again.

Courtesy of Marathonfoto

And then food! Precious food! I got my gEAR bag for the final time and met up with Nate.

What nice volunteers!

5 mile: 1:14:34
10 mile: 2:36:17
Half: 3:28:49
20 mile: 5:10:48
Finish: 6:48:01
Clock Time: 7:28:24

Place: 17,024/19,970
Division: 1,433/1,731 (W25-29)
Gender: 8,325/10,285 (Women)

We went back to the hotel and grabbed some food. I took a little nap before showering and heading to my family's hotel. From there we went to Magic Kingdom to hang out for a little bit. Nate and I had dinner reservations for Be Our Guest later that night so we got in a few rides before hand.
Hey guys!

Dinner was delicious as always. We got to ride the Mine Train one last time on the way out of the park.  It was a great week. Running this challenge was amazing. Everything was great. I'm happy that I did this. 

Will I do this again? I've said no. Then again never say never right?

4 days of greatness.

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