Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dopey Challenge Numbers

I don't want to go into how I felt about the whole challenge. Why? Because I felt great. It was awesome. I'm still excited about it. 

A few days after the challenge ended, Runner's World put out the results of the Dopey Challenge and ranked everyone. (You see the results here.) According to them I placed 5,160 out of 6,397 finishers. My times looked like this:

5k: 36:57
10k: 1:28:37
Half: 3:13:32
Full: 6:48:01
Total: 12:07:07

Cool. That took a lot of time for someone to do. Disney only put out the Dopey results alphabetically by last name. There were no gender places or division places or even total time.

Today I saw another post from RunKnitTravel. They also posted more broken down results. (You can view it here.) According to their information there was 7,500 people signed up for the Dopey Challenge. (This came from the volunteers at the races. I actually saw a paper with this number on it.) Here's how those numbers changed throughout the 4 days:

5k: 6,826 finishers
3,498 females
3,327 males

10k: 6,800 finishers
3,482 females
3,318 males

Half: 6,749 finishers
3,446 females
3,303 males

Full: 6,488 finishers
3,283 females
3,205 males

1,102 people started, but did not finish

There is a slight discrepancy on how many people did finish all together between both sources. There also may have been less than 7,500 people who were actually signed up. (I think that if it was not an even number it would be more confusing for volunteers to share the information.) I do find it interesting to see how many people finished on each day and to see how the numbers drop. People won't finish for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they just don't show up. Maybe there's an emergency that pulls them from the races. They may get hurt along the way. They may choose to drop out. They may get swept. 

Just a little insight into what the weekend looked like for people.

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