Friday, May 24, 2013

I Left For DC. I Returned From DC.

I went to DC.

I made it!!!! I got to Logan before dawn & was in DC before 8 am. I met my teammates & we ventured off to run.
Hello DC!

I quickly became friendly with Vicki & we stuck together for the rest of the day on Saturday. We went to get our bib numbers & went to the expo. I met my roommate, Lauren, at the expo. I may have been in the middle of getting what little hair I have done. (I'm ridiculous.)

Joan Benoit Samuelson & Shalane Flanagan

Vicki & I ventured off to meet her friends. We did some sightseeing along the way.

That night we had our inspiration dinner. It was here that we learned that for the Nike Women's Half DC TNT raised $6 million! The Massachusetts Chapter raised $150,000 alone. Whoa!

After the dinner, we took a trip to CVS. Lauren & I tried to sleep, but barely did. We were up super early & met up with the rest of the team to head down to the start of the half. I ended up moving a corral up (Shhh! Don't tell Nike!). The start was smooth & quick. I'm used to waiting an hour to finally get moving at Disney. I ran my first 3 miles slower than I wanted. I told myself to enjoy it & use miles 10-13 to really push myself.
Coach Laura & I pre-run
The team

At mile 8, my knee tried to tell me to fuck myself. I responded with a "Fuck you knee!" I just kept thinking that there is ice at the hotel. Hell I almost died a week ago! Coach Laura ran with me a little right before mile 10 & told me not to let my knee get the best of me.

It was pretty humid out so mile 12 felt like the longest mile ever. Especially because you see the finish at the beginning of mile 12. What a cruel joke!

I crossed that finish line at 2:36:15! That's amazing thinking last year I did the Disney Half in 3:21:55. Plus we got a pretty Tiffany's necklace that I wear on most days now.
ROTC passing out the necklaces