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I get asked if I was always a runner. I wasn't.

Here's the story...

I started running when my ex-boyfriend and I went into Boston on Marathon Monday in 2009. I probably had no idea that there was a marathon going on. I know that I couldn't care less. I mean who runs (how long is a marathon?) for "fun"? I remember standing in a crowd watching people go by and thinking "Good for them. I could never do that, but someone has to." Within 10 minutes I was over it and ready to do anything else besides watch people run. (Hello! Boring!) My ex just wanted to keep watching though so I kept my mouth shut and watched. We went into the Prudential Center and he kept watching. Meanwhile I just wanted to grab lunch or a new shirt or anything else. On our way out of the crowds we stopped once again. I remember seeing a guy go by who must have been 70-80 years old. I said out loud "Wait that guy can run..how long is a marathon?" The response once again was "26.2 miles". My response to that, "26 miles!?!?!?!?!?!?! Who does that! (".2 It's 26.2 miles.") I can't run 26 POINT 2 steps!" I then decided that moment that there was no reason I couldn't do a 5k. So I reached out to my friend and told her that I decided to run a 5k. She told me that she was doing the Disney World Half Marathon and that they had a 5k that weekend too. Next thing I knew I was signed up and going to Disney!

Over 20 running events later, who would have thought the best thing that my ex left me with was my running.

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