Friday, January 2, 2015

Drinking Water is a Must!

A couple weeks ago a girl who I went to high school with invited me to an event she is hosting. The event is help everyone in the event drink more water. I have been slacking on the water intake lately and was back to drinking soda regularly. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get me back on drinking more water.

The challenge will last for 4 weeks starting January 1st. The ultimate goal? To drink 1 liter of water a day.

My friend Carrick gave me a new Bobble water bottle for Christmas. I was super pumped after the last 2 that I had got thrown out. This water bottle has a filter. I love this because I can just go into the bathroom at work and use the sink to fill the bottle instead of having to find time to run to a store to buy a bottle of water.

You just need to buy a new filter after 2 months/40 gallons of use. I have 2 filters from my previous bottle so I am ready to filter for half of the year! 

Back to the challenge!

The few days before the January 1st we were told to figure out what our daily average water intake was. Once we got our average intake we were to subtract that from 128 oz (or 1 liter) and divide that number by 4. Once we got that final number we are to drink that much more each week to reach the final week of 1 liter a day. 

Here's what my break out for the next 4 weeks looks like:

Week 1: 92 ounces
Week 2: 104 ounces
Week 3: 116 ounces
Week 4: 128 ounces

I know that the next week in Disney will be slightly more difficult to keep up on my water. (I promise I will nix the soda when I get back!) Water is really important for runners, especially when they are doing the Dopey Challenge! 

I hope that I can report back that I have done a good job of keeping up with my water intake. I'll be honest about how much water I have taken in each day and at the end of the week will report of this little blog. 

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