Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bobby Doyle Summer Classic & a Clam Bake

On Sunday I ran in the Bobby Doyle Summer Classic in Narragansett, RI. I participated in this run last year and really enjoyed it. Narragansett is about an hour and a half from me. Packet pick-up is the day of the race so you have to get there early enough to get your bib number and shirt. The run starts at 9 so we left at around 6:45 to get there in plenty of time. There were a ton of people there when we got there. They really love this race. After finding my bib number I headed into the school to get my bib and my shirt and use the bathroom before the run started.

I didn't discuss my goals for the race except in my own head. Last year I ended up getting sick during the run so that was something I didn't want to go through again. My goal was to beat my time from last year (1:00:18). I started out doing 3:1 intervals. Between mile 1 and mile 2 my right knee started to hurt. I knew I went out to fast and due to lack of training I was not prepared for that. I switched my timer to 2:1 intervals and just kept going. The sky was gray and it was windy this year which kept the temp down. I felt pretty good (besides my knee) the whole race. While I was running I kept going back and forth with this man. (His name was Al because a lot of people were yelling his name.) At one point he was ahead of me. I could always see him, but I told myself to finish in front of him. As we were just about to turn the corner to head to the finish back at the school I got ahead of him and really pushed to the finish. I finished in 56:36.

This years medal!

After the run we headed to Nate's parent's house in Falmouth for a clam bake. (I was having chicken as I don't eat clams or lobsters.) Nate & I ended up taking a nap for a little bit while we were there. I found a CSI: Miami marathon so I got caught up in that. We had a ton of food which was all good. Nate's sister made us all wear lobster hats, which we all just kept on and felt normal in by the end.
Thanks Jess!

And I can officially say that I will be going back to California in May to participate in the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend! 

I'll be participating in the 5k and the Pixie Dust Challenge (the 10k and the half).  I'm excited to head back to California! I want to explore Disneyland more and maybe even meet up with some friends out there.