Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014!

I'm not too sure how I feel about ending the year and talking about it. Yet here I am. Maybe because I feel like I need to. Or maybe because I want to see what was happening this year. I'm not really sure. 

Here's what went down in 2014!

Total Races:
Virtual Runs: 
1 mile: 
5 mile: 
6.5 mile: 
7 mile: 
10 mile: 
Half Marathon: 
 (BAA Distance Medley, Runner's World Hat Trick, Triple Threat Half Marathon Challenge)
5k (30:58), 
10k (1:09:40), 
Marathon (6:05:57)

I PR'd in all the major categories except for the half marathon (which I came pretty damn close to). 

Do I have any goals for 2015? I'd like to get a half marathon PR (I'm looking at you Zooma Half!) and I'd like to break a 30 minute 5k. 
Are these crazy goals? Nope. 
Can I accomplish these goals? Hell yes I can!

I leave for Disney in a few days. I'm ready to take on the Dopey Challenge. (As ready as I can be at least!) 

2015 I'm coming for you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Run of 2014!

On Saturday, 12.13.14, I went up to Newburyport, MA to participate in the Ladies Night Out Run, Wine, and Chocolate Event. Danielle had mentioned this race to me at the BAA Half and got me interested. Somehow I talked my cousin into signing up for the run as well and from the moment she picked me up she was saying she hated me. As we got closer to Newburyport we noticed that it looked dark. The weather wasn't showing anything, but it started to snow. (Like big flakes of snow!) I wasn't too worried (I did hear something about hate again though).

We arrived in Newburyport and easily found a spot to park right near the start/finish line. Bib pick-up was inside Nicholson Hall. This was also where the after party took place. We got to stay inside and use a real bathroom and stay warm until the start. Just before 3 pm we were ushered outside for the run. We had been told that the race would be un-timed, but there would be a clock at the start/finish. I remember the clock showing :30 when we crossed the start. My cousin and I stayed with Danielle the entire run. My ankle gave out on me right after we crossed the start line, but I could keep going. While running I could tell that I've been lazy. (Nothing like your body reminded you what you'd like to forget.) My calves tightened up, but felt better as I kept going. My ankle did start to hurt a little, but I could deal with it. We crossed the finish line somewhere between 33 and 34 minutes. I can't remember the finish time to save my life, but I did look. After you crossed the finish line you received a red carnation (unless you were the first one to finish than you received roses). Once you got back inside Nicholson Hall you received a wine glass with a piece of chocolate. The party felt really crowded, even though the only people that were allowed in were the participants. We stayed for just a minute and didn't indulge in the wine or appetizers or even the chocolate fountain afterwards. I had a Christmas party to go to in Plymouth so we made our way back to the South Shore. Would I do this run again? I would, but only with someone else.

What else is going on? Besides working and the holiday, not too much. Preparing for Disney and the Dopey Challenge. Starting to build my race schedule for next year!

I signed up tonight for the Black Cat 10M & 20M. I'll be doing the 10 miler. If I was doing a spring marathon than the 20 miler may have worked, but 10 miles is enough! The run benefits the Allie's Scholarship Fund. Allie had gotten killed crossing the street at the age of 15. You can read more about the scholarship by clicking the link.

There is another race that I always wanted to take part in. It seemed fun and different. There were rumors that the race was over in 2014. Then it appeared on a list for 2015. The rumors started that 2015 would be the final year of the race. Sadly the race will not happen after 2015. I am super excited to say that I will be taking part in the final running of the Expedition Everest Challenge!

This is a night run in the Animal Kingdom park in Disney World. Animal Kingdom closes early so to be there at night is really cool. Not only is this a 5k, but also a scavenger hunt and an obstacle course! After you hunt for the yeti on the course you are let into a post-race party! I will be running this as a team with my friend Carrick. Might as well visit Disney for the first time and do the last running of this great race! This is the race that usually is open to register until almost race day. This year was different though. In just over an hour the race sold out! 

I'm excited to see what 2015 has in store for me!