Saturday, April 30, 2016


It was March 2nd. I got in my car at about 6 am, went down the street to get gas. I was on my way to California. Yes I drove to California. Alone.

My driving took me through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally into California.

I saw a lot while I was driving. You know trees, grass, mountains, trucks, bugs (mostly dead on my window), animals (dead and alive), tumbleweeds, snow, rain, trees, red rocks, deserts, and craters. There are things I wish I could have experienced with someone else because all the words will never describe it. It took me about 4 days to get across the country.
Grand Ole Opry Nashville, TN

Big Dam Bridge Little Rock, AK

Meteor Crater Northern Arizona

Temecula, CA

Now I rest in California. I'm working so nothing has fully changed for me. I have done a few things while I've been here. 

Things like:

Hiking Mount Woodson
Ate ice cream where they get me.

Spent Easter at the beach

Met up with Ryan

Met up with Molly

Watched World of Color in a VIP zone

Spent a night in the Grand Californian

Got into Lounge 1901

Rode Hyperspace Mountain after coming into contact with Kylo Ren

Saw a double rainbow

Went to Vegas to hang out with Britney Spears
Spent a day on Coronado Island

Entered the Twilight Zone
Ran with hot air balloons

Ran through a vineyard

Went to Universal Studios Hollywood

Hung out in Hogshead

Hung out in Springfield
Explored a studio tour

Drank butterbeer

Found God

 I have a little less than a month left now. There will be more to see. More to talk about. More feelings than I can explain.

Until then....

Princess Half Marathon Weekend

This post is a little late...okay a lot late. Sorry about that.

I decided after running Dopey last year that I would skip Marathon Weekend and head down to the Princess Half Marathon Weekend in Disney World in 2016. I must say I was really jealous of all the posts during Marathon Weekend, but Princess wasn't that far away.

We arrived in Disney World on Wednesday. This trip we stayed at Coronado Springs. I loved this hotel. It had a more adult feel and less of a Disney one, but the food was amazing there. I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

On Thursday Nate and I headed over to the Expo. I had to get my Glass Slipper Challenge and my 5k bib so I took a little bit longer than Nate just grabbing his 5k bib. I grabbed a couple items that I wanted and headed over to the rest of the Expo. It was a nightmare! To get into the Jostens Center there was a long line. That is fine except that there was 4 different lines going into one. The staff sent people to a line and then other people were yelling at people that they were cutting. I heard stories of fights breaking out. I had gotten a spot to the get a pair of the Ariel New Balance sneakers and decided to not go back based off of the craziness I had endured already.

That night we went to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. I had never been and had only heard great things about it. It was good and I would go back again.

I was ready for bed by the time the show ended. The alarm was set early for the next few days.

On Friday Nate and I headed out for the 5k. This was Nate's first run in Disney and I was happy to share this experience with him. 

These costumes were the coolest!

After the 5k we headed over to Animal Kingdom and had dinner at Be Our Guest. We didn't stay out too late, I had another run in the morning!

Saturday morning I was up again. The alarm is always going off far too soon on these race weekends. Am I right!?! Today was only a 10k right? And we had 'Ohana for breakfast afterwards. I think I was running for the food at this point. The race was the same course as during Marathon Weekend. I knew it wasn't great, but I got through it. 

After breakfast, we went back to the Expo. I guess I just wanted to look at the shoes again. Nate went back to the room to put down our stuff and I headed over to Epcot where Patti LaBelle was doing a book signing. I was told I wasn't guaranteed to get in, but I did! And they made her mac and cheese recipe for us all to try. And it was good!

Sunday was another running morning. I think I've seen more of Disney in the pitch black than in the daylight! I've done this course enough for me to know how it goes. Leave the Epcot parking lot, head to Magic Kingdom, and then back to Epcot to finish. I can't remember much that made me beyond excited. I don't have a lot of pictures during the races. Honestly there were very little princesses out for pictures. The lines for pictures were crazy long. I read a lot of people were disappointed with the lack of entertainment along the course.
 I was excited to go to the California Grill for dinner to celebrate after all this running.

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone. We had the dining plan, but I would pay for a meal here again. There is a dress code for the restaurant, but it didn't seem like they were that strict on upholding it.

We had some time to hang out without running before we needed to get on a plane home. We made sure to go back to Animal Kingdom. Zootopia was about to come out so I got my picture with this guy.

Soon enough I was home to get back to work and begin my journey to California for the next 2 1/2 months.