Sunday, January 8, 2017

Looking Back on 2016

I thought today I'd look back on my year running in 2016.

January- Nothing. Absolutely no races.

February- Princess 5k, Glass Slipper Challenge (Enchanted 10k, Princess Half Marathon)

March- Nothing. I was driving across the country though.

April- Run Through the Vineyard 10k

May- Neverland 5k, Pixie Dust Challenge (Tinker Bell 10k, Tinker Bell Half Marathon)

June- No races.

July- No races.

August- Bobby Doyle Summer Classic

September- Another no race month!

October- Tufts Health Plan 10k for Women, Cause 4 Paws 5k

November- Mickey's Holiday 5k, Lumiere's Two Course Challenge (Wine & Dine 10k, Wine & Dine Half Marathon), Forge Pond Park 5k, Hanover Turkey Trot

December- Ugly Sweater Run, Bill Roger's Jingle Bell Run

Virtual Runs- Molly Weasley's Ugly Jumper Run, HRC Umbridge Run 13k (Or Until it Hurts), The Half-Blood Prince Half Marathon, Orlando Untied 5k, #OneHRC House Marathon, Fantastic Beasts 5k, Platform 9¾k (Year Three)

Personal Bests:
5k- Bill Roger's Jingle Bell Run (34:07)
10k- Enchanted 10k (1:13:17)
5 Miler- Bobby Doyle Summer Classic (58:49)
Half Marathon- Tinker Bell Half Marathon (2:31:02)

Did I reach any PR this year? Absolutely not. I can't say that I haven't beat myself up over losing my speed. I will say that I was proud of every start and finish line I crossed last year. I always make my Goal A to finish. I ran in freezing cold weather and extremely hot weather. And everything in between! I still have hopes of breaking a 30-minute 5k and breaking 2:30:00 in a half marathon again, but I'm happy to have the opportunity to run and do my best at that moment.

Will 2017 bring on big things? I'm sure it will. Guess I'll have to look back at it a year from now.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Resolutions? Whatever!

New Years is always about resolutions. You know, the things you're excited about until you actually have to do it. We all do it.

Instead of making some resolution that I know I'll give up on almost immediately. This year I decided to do something I know I'll stick to. Maybe push me, but that I can actually do.

So this year I'm going to do the following:

  • Write down positive moments. 
    • No matter how small they will seem, just write them down.
  • Train for the Chicago Marathon properly.
    • I tend to fall off the training wagon and I want to get that out of my system.
  • Drink water. 
    • I barely drank water the past months, so even one glass is better than nothing. Eventually I want to drink at least 8 glasses, but I'm okay starting small.
  • Workout at least 3x a week.
    • I need to take care of myself. If I can't give myself even 30 minutes, then I need to prioritize my life.
  • Go to one exercise class a week.
    • I love to never go to the gym even though I'm paying for it. If I go to a class at least once a week the membership pays for itself. 
  • Write more.
    • Whether this is here on the blog or in my journal, just write more. 
    • I did get a 5-Year Memory Journal that I've been filling out daily. 
  • Read 40 books.
    • I'll set up a page with what I've been reading.
  • Donate to a cause once a month.
    • It feels good to help other people. I'm not looking for a lot, but just helping out a cause is nice.
  • See new places.
    • I'm not specific on new places. It could be a new town, a new part of a town I've been in, a new state, or a new country.