Sunday, January 18, 2015

Walt Disney World Family Fun Run 5k

Part one of the Dopey Challenge is the 5k. The race started at 6:15 am in the Epcot parking lot. This was the first of four days waking up early and hanging out in this parking lot. There was a wind chill advisory for that morning. Let me tell you, it was cold. (Meanwhile back home it was in single if not negative digits.)

A bunch of people ended up staying inside of a tent before the 5k. I'm not sure what this tent was meant for, but I did hear it was going to be used after the half and the full for massages. The tent kept the wind out and with so many people in there it was warm (or at least warmer than outside). Nate did mention that after all the runners moved to their corrals the tent was not very warm.

Danielle, Me, Becka

I walked to the corrals with Becka and Danielle. They were in corral B, while I was heading to corral D. (A lot of people complain about corral placement, but I don't care too much. Do I wish that I was in a higher corral? Sure I do. Am I upset at the corral I was placed in? Not so much. I'm happy to have the opportunity to participate.) Before getting to the corrals we hit a bottle neck that we couldn't figure out what was happening. What was happening is that they were checking everyone for bibs before getting to the corral area. Once at the corrals you were checked again to make sure you were entering the proper corral. They had the corrals start fairly quickly. Nobody wanted to be outside in the cold!

Soon I was at the starting line! I was slightly nervous. This is usually when I find out my knee is acting up again. I felt amazing the whole run though! The course had changed slightly since the last time I ran this race is 2013, but I liked it. We ran through the The Land (this is where you find the ride Soarin') instead of running around Spaceship Earth by the entrance.
The blue line is the 5k course

We enter Epcot through the backstage area and come in next to Mexico, then head around the World Showcase, towards Future World, by The Land, then towards Spaceship Earth, and back into the parking lot.

There were a lot of character stops throughout the World Showcase. The lines were all fairly long so I didn't stop at any. There was Princess Atta & Flick (from A Bug's Life), Norway Daisy,  Marie (from Aristocats), Pinocchio, Japanese Chip & Dale, and Canadian Donald. I feel okay not stopping for any pictures. I didn't want to be out in the cold longer than I needed to be. Plus I'd always have the next 3 days for character stops.

Courtesy of Marathonfoto

I was feeling amazing when I finished the 5k. I got my "medal" (it's made of plastic, but it's always one of my favorites) and met up with Nate. 

Finish: 36:57
Day 1 complete!
After the 5k we headed back to the hotel and then to Hollywood Studios. We rode a few rides, watch Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. We ate a delicious cupcake. (No really, it was amazing.) And we met a couple of characters.
Baymax cupcake!
Pluto was excited to see himself on my medal!

We left fairly early. I had to be up the next morning for the 10k!

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