Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Week That Was Nothing

So I haven't run since my last post. Yeah I know. I'm feeling a little discouraged. Okay, a lot discouraged. I don't know if I'll be able to do this marathon. I'm kind of stressed about it. I'm feeling nervous about raising money all over again too. I mean I've raised over 40% in a little over a month. Being hard on myself again.

In other news I started to fundraise with Bondi Bands. If you never heard of a Bondi Band its okay I hadn't either until the first time I went to Disney for Marathon Weekend. It's a wicking headband. The ladies love them! (Lady runners that is!) They can also act as ear warmers. (Stand outside at 4 am waiting for the start of a race. It's cold!) I've sold 4 so far & I have someone else wanting to buy 2. I'm going to buy one also. (Yes I will donate to myself!) So make that 7, no 8 I have being taken. One more I have for someone else! I've done pretty well on that now that I think of it. :-) There might be another order going through soon. :-)

Tomorrow I'm going to force myself to run. It will be in the 50s so I think I can do it. Hopefully I get myself together!

This will be my cheer up for this week.

Animals make everyday better!

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