Monday, December 17, 2012

I've Been Missing...

...from the blog.

Holidays in retail are time consuming. Holidays in general are time consuming. Holidays stress me out. If you meet me during this time you'll hear "I hate Christmas" more than once before you leave. Fitting in exercise is even more stressful. I've been doing a Holiday Squat-A-Thon for the month of December. Today I did 185 for missing yesterday. There's a couple of 100 squats a day coming up. Squats don't really bother me much. I'm surprised I haven't felt it more afterwards.

Onto where I've been the past few days...

Thursday I helped a friend paint & do some stuff around his new house. Before I drove close to the end of the world (aka Plymouth), I met up with a friend to stop at Target. Our work adopted a family to give Christmas presents too. I like this part of Christmas. Helping people who need it more than you means a whole lot more than just junk you get from family. (Yes I said junk!) I'm happy that I got to participate in making 4 kids Christmases special.

Friday was my other day off last week. I decided I would be in a positive mood all day. No one was going to ruin it! I went to Wompatuck to run. I ran and ran and then ran some more. After a few near death experiences I made my way back into the park & to my car. I learned my lesson to stay off the roads near there. People are crazy! I ended up doing a little more than 10 miles. I felt like it should have been at least 5 more, but I guess not. As I ran I thought of how hungry I was & how I should of brought win snacks. Then I thought about how when I got home I'd blog about how crazy drivers are. (Remember I almost got killed multiple times.) when I got myself situated at my car I noticed a text from a friend saying something about shooting. I mean I just was in the woods/risking my life on roads. When he told me a little more about it, I couldn't believe it. Then I heard it on the radio. Then I got home to see it on the tv. I decided we'll before I got home to forget my positive attitude that day. I'm not going to go into what happened or what's wrong with the laws or any of that. I still feel sad about it. I will leave it at that.

Today being my only day off means I had to do stuff that I didn't necessarily want to do. I went to the gym. I've gone once in like 3 months. I clearly need a gym buddy STAT! The weather has been crappy & seems to be staying that way. The marathon is coming up way too soon. I'm way underprepared. I just want to finish this marathon & get on with the half in DC. I have a lot of respect for people who do marathons consistently. You guys kick ass!

I'll be letting you guys know about a TNT event soon. And another fundraiser. Hopefully both before Christmas.

Until then...

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