Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Run & an Accessory

Yesterday I ran. I ran 13.32 miles in fact. I felt like it was longer, but I guess not. I had a normal running experience, except with a new accessory. (I'm a girl & we love accessories!)

For about a year I've been trying to figure out good headphones for working out in. Of course there are way too many to figure it out. I've been staring at the Yurbuds for awhile. I saw people return them or other people say they are just too big to fit in my ear. So I've been hesitant. Then I saw during the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, they released Yurbuds specifically for woman. I was intrigued by this. Then they released the info that they would only sell at Target stores or Target online. The price tag? $29.99! A steal! I still went back & forth with the decision. Even looking at them in store, but walking away in the end with nothing. Yesterday morning I spent a little bit reading honest reviews on blogs. I then decided I'm going to get them. I got a pair of purple ones & decided that my long run would be my trial for them.

They come with 2 different size inserts. (I kept the smaller ones on.) At first they felt different because they don't go all the way into your ear like other earbuds do. I plugged in my iPod & off I went. Almost 3 hours later I returned home & could not have been happier! I didn't have to play with them in the middle of my run. I could hear my music perfectly as well as everything else going on around me! (That is important if you're going to be running on the street & are not looking to be killed by a car.) The fact that I could forget they were there was impressive, especially with my piercings.

I have both tragi pierced, which makes it hard to wear earbuds sometimes.
My ear didn't even hurt afterwards!

I highly suggest these earbuds! They come in 6 colors.

Aqua, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, & Purple
You can get them at your local Target or at Target online. And they are only $29.99! (Look at the price for other headphones specified for exercise. Don't be surprised to see almost $100 for a lot of them!)

What do you listen to when you run?

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