Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

I've been a little distant. Working in retail during the holiday season will do that to ya. Plus I can't access a blog post on my iPad.

I did a long run last Monday. I know why haven't I done one since then? I haven't been off of work since then. I'll be back out there on Thursday before helping a friend paint around his house. Okay back to Monday. I ran 10.1 miles. It was long, but not close to the 26.2 I need to accomplish in a month. (AHHHHHHHH!) I went to Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, MA. You can do a lot in there. I ran for myself, not for a time, not for a distance, but just for me. There was some running on trails which slowed me down. I also brought my camera along with me. Running in Disney means taking photos, so I might as well try it out. I kept around a 14 minute pace which is fine with me. A muscle has been taking a toll on me. It's annoying & I hate it. That run was the first time running with my Bondi Band. I wrote about these in my last post (or 2 posts ago). Growing my hair out is annoying. It's not long enough to pull back, but its not short enough to leave alone. I pulled my hair back, put it on, & ran. I didn't have to keep adjusting it. It stayed put. It was great. I was definitely a giant plus. Even when I took it off after the run my hair looked okay enough to go into the post office.

The print of my Bondi Band.

I have some Bondi Bands still for sale as a fundraiser for TNT if you are interested. I have the pink with white polka dots, the plain aqua, the purple print, the black with the pink tiara, the pink that says "Powered by Pixie Dust", & the black one that says "Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fastest of them all".

By donating $10, you can receive one band.
By donating $16, you can receive two bands.

To get a band for yourself just donate to my fundraising page:

In the comments you can let me know that it is for the Bondi Band fundraiser. 

Hopefully by my next post I'll have much more to share with everyone.

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