Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week Two Check-In

Week 2 of marathon training has finished. I feel like I've been training a lot more than 2 weeks, but maybe because I was running a race up until 1 week before training started. This is how this week looked:

Monday: XT (walking)
Tuesday: 1.54 miles
Wednesday: XT (walked in Boston)
Thursday: 2.03 miles
Friday: 30 minutes of yoga
Saturday: 3.1 miles & 10 minutes of yoga
Sunday: XT (walk along the beach)

On Wednesday I went on a whale watch with my boyfriend. We saw a ton of whales and had a beautiful day in Boston. We also went to the New England Aquarium before walked a little bit in Boston.
 It was a great day off.

On Sunday I took a walk in Falmouth with him again. It was a nice beach walk while the sun was starting to go down.

One of the beautiful views you can find down the Cape.

I've officially hit the $1,000 mark on my fundraising this week too. To donate to this wonderful hospital you can do so here. Remember no donation is too small.

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