Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week Three of Marathon Training Complete!

I've finished week 3 of 18 of my marathon training. This week seemed a little harder for me to get through than the previous two weeks. I've been feeling worn down lately so every workout felt like a chore. Even though the week felt like a chore, I did do a lot.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 2.07 miles
Wednesday: XT (20 minute yoga with 3 lb weights)
Thursday: 3.11 miles
Friday: XT (walking)
Saturday: XT (walking & dancing)
Sunday: 4 miles

I'm trying to do weight training at least once a week, but just couldn't get into it this week. I did get in my 3 planned runs though. 

On Friday I went on a whale watch with my mom, aunt, and cousins. (This is the summer of whale watches apparently.) The whales were close to our boat which was nice to see. I got to see 2 seals for the first time on a whale watch this time around too! I would have tried to take a picture, but it would just look like a dot in the ocean if anything at all.

On Saturday I finally got to see Justin Timberlake. The tickets were originally for the show in November, but was one of the shows that were postponed. It took 8 months, but we finally got to see him! The wait was worth it too. He played his hits and some of his newer material off The 20/20 Experience. He also did a couple of covers which was great. No one can say that he isn't a great entertainer. (It's okay if pop music isn't your thing.) If you do you must be an ass. 
We really did have excellent seats.

I'm still at $1,000 towards my fundraising. Every cent goes directly to Children's Hospital. If you would like to donate you can do so here. I may have a special connection to the hospital with my nephew, but I'm running this marathon for any and all children who need this hospital.

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