Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cause 4 Paws 5k Recap

This is my 5th year running the Cause 4 Paws 5k.

This run benefits the Quincy Animal Shelter, which is a no kill shelter for dogs and cats. This was my first 5k and run after I ran the Disney World 5k in 2010. So this run holds a special place in my heart. I love animals, so I enjoy seeing everyone's dogs. They hold a doggie costume contest which is always fun! I was excited to learn that they have updated to chip-timed results this year.

5k run
1 mile dog walk

Start Time:
10 AM

Under 12-$20
*Upgrade packages available.
**Proceeds go to the Quincy Animal Shelter

This year the run felt more disorganized from previous years. In the past there was clear direction for people who were pre-registered and people who needed to register at the event. This year the tables were pushed together, but there were no direction to what line meant what. The volunteers did not seem to know what line meant what which led to more confusion. I had one women tell me and another girl that we needed to change lines after waiting in one for a while. Another volunteer did grab our bibs for us which was very nice. It seemed like there were more vendors there this year than in previous years. There were a lot of raffles that you could put tickets in. Once we started the run everything else moved smoothly. I did not see any mile markers along the route, but there were volunteers and police to direct you in the appropriate direction.

The run begins and ends at Squantum Point Park in Marina Bay. You then leave Marina Bay and head into Quincy before doing a loop back around towards Marina Bay. You end in the same parking lot that you started in.
Views of Boston from after mile 2

This year there was no swag for anyone who did not purchase an upgrade package for the run. If you did purchase the upgrade package you received a t-shirt, raffle tickets, and a few other items that I forget about. I did get to take home some treats for Thor that were available from some vendors. There were a lot of treats after the run for the runners. My favorite were the cupcakes from Dawn's Baked Goods!
Dog themed cupcakes! I had the "poop in grass" chocolate cupcake.

Would I recommend this race?
I would recommend this race. This year had some downfalls from previous years, but I know that my money is going to a great cause. If you are an animal lover you will enjoy the run. They bring dogs that need to be adopted and this year they brought some cats that also need to be adopted. I did give feedback when it was requested about this years run so I expect some changes next year.

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