Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NYC Marathon Expo!

I was planning on writing this post about the whole weekend, but honestly I'm just tired. So lets focus on one day at a time!

On Saturday Nate & I boarded a train to head to NYC. I was able to check-in to our hotel the day before online which was awesome because our room was ready before we even got to NYC! We decided to check-in first and then head over to the expo. When we got to NYC it was raining, but I was okay with it. After we dropped our stuff in the room we headed over to the Javits Center to get my bib.
Our hotel had some pretty awesome pumpkins in the lobby!

I was surprisingly not scared or nervous or anything. I felt calm when I got to NYC. The first thing we did when we got into the Javits Center was pick up my bib and my bag for the start village. I got my bib scanned to make sure the B-Tags were working so people could actually track me on Sunday. (They were working perfectly!) We exited into the ASICS area and I picked out a shirt. I kept away from anywhere that could show the medal. I wanted to keep it a surprise. We walked through our the expo and I grabbed a Sparkly Soul headband. I also got to meet Katherine Switzer!  If you don't know who she is you should! She was the first registered woman to run the Boston Marathon! (You know when woman weren't allowed to run!) She signed her book and took pictures with everyone. She was so nice and was rooting for us. We left the expo shortly after to go relax and grab dinner. I did have an early day and a marathon to run!

I'll leave you with some pictures to tie you over until I get to my NYC Marathon post!
This is the headband I chose to wear during the marathon.
Who doesn't get a picture with the course map!?!
I'd never be this close to a finish line tape ever again!

Katherine Switzer & I!

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