Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Training Update Week 14

With just under a month away I'm feeling nervous for the marathon. I'm feeling like I'm letting myself down or something. I do not like the marathon distance. It is a job on it's own and it doesn't pay me so it takes the backseat. I want to love it, but I just don't. It actually makes me dislike running. As I say this, I know that I will finish this marathon. I actually read earlier today that May ran the NYC Marathon in 2011. I saw her finish time was just under 7 hours, like 6:59. Now my Disney Marathon was 6:50:03. So I know that I can do it. This will be a test, but I know that I'll be okay. I'm not promising my training has been great, but I'm doing what I can. That's the best that I can do. So let's look at last week.

Monday: 4.69 miles walk/hike in the White Mountains
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 4.51 miles on treadmill, 15 minute stretching
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4.64 miles
Sunday: Upper body work

On Monday I went up to New Hampshire with my friend Carrick to Flume Gorge. We've never been so it was a good adventure for the both of us. We had a good time up in New Hampshire. I would run up the hills which he did not approve of, but I always waited at the top. (I'm pretty sure after this picture was taken I ran back up to the trail.)
A covered bridge!

On Saturday I had a fundraising event so I didn't really go out to run. I relaxed before hand and walked a little bit. (Hey, going to Target counts as walking right?) My sister sells Thirty-One bags and so we held a fundraiser. If you'd like to order anything you can by clicking the link above. It will direct you into my party. You can start Christmas shopping early while helping kids in need!

My upper body workout consisted of what you may ask? I spent my entire shift at work getting shipments ready. Yes 8 full hours of moving boxes here to there and back over here. It's a lot I promise. If I didn't take a lunch break, I probably would have been there for 9 hours prepping for Monday. 

I've done a few things this week that are fun, but I'll talk about it next week!

Until then, I'm anxiously awaiting the BAA Half. This is my third race for the Distance Medley. I can hope for a PR, but I'm okay just finishing. That will always be my number goal for any distance I run, finishing. 
I'm coming back for round 2!
I ran this race last year at 2:33:21, maybe I'll do a little better this year? Who knows. Finishing is staying #1.

After this half I have a 5k coming up on October 19th, the Cause 4 Paws 5k!

This will be the 3rd time doing this 5k. It's a nice run with a bitch of a hill in the middle. I just have to remember, what goes up must come down! This 5k currently holds my 5k PR. I want to break 30 minutes so bad, but I'm not expecting it right now. Someday it will happen, it is not the time. 

With the NYC Marathon coming up quickly (like 24 days), remember why I'm running! If you could donate any amount you can do so here!

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