Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's My Favorite Day!

It's Halloween!!! This is my favorite day of the year. It's the only holiday I really love too. I've gotten to share my love of the holiday this year with my friend Chris. We are slightly out of control & it is awesome!

On Saturday I attended the Blacklight Run. This is a 5k that is the same idea as The Color Run, but with backlight powder. I've never done a color run so I was interested in doing this run. Even though they promoted the run being in Boston it was actually in North Andover. This is a little over an hour from my house. There was traffic getting into the parking lot. You were suppose to pay $10 for parking (my friend had to), but they just let me park. There was no direction to where the start of the race was or the check in process. My friend picked up my bib the day before so I just needed to pick up my shirt. It was very confusing to just get the shirt. After I got through that I made it to the start line.

Part of the course was in the parking lot, part was on a grass island, part was in a baseball field. This would have been fine if there was any sort of light along the course. It was completely dark. There were only 3 color stops. I barely got anything on me. My shoes have most of the color on them. At one point people were rolling on the ground getting color on them. Talk about a hazard! I saw no backlights along the course. There were lights, but they just seems like normal lights to me. There were no volunteers along the course letting you know where to go or to watch out for some hazards. At one point there was a girl yelling. I couldn't tell if she was a volunteer or just someone drunk or on drugs. I'm going for the latter. I got to the finish line & there were just staff members standing right in the middle. I don't know why they needed to have a powwow in the middle of the finish area. Luckily I had no injuries nor did I see anyone go down. I was pretty thankful for the flashlight on my iPhone. I wouldn't do another of these runs. A color run sure thing, but not a backlight run. 

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