Wednesday, October 2, 2013

AllState Marathon Boston 13.1

On Sunday morning I got up early & heading up to Suffolk Downs in East Boston for the AllState Marathon Boston 13.1. I don't know why they don't call it the AllState Half Marathon. I got to meet up with my friend Kevin before the race. It was nice to see a familiar face.

The race started at 7:30 am. Being used to Disney races this wasn't too early for me. The corrals were kind of a mess. Instead of setting up corrals based off an estimated time finish you had to go off of your word & enter at the time you thought you could finish in. The corrals were really tight & overcrowded. 

Once we started running I knew I wasn't feeling it. My knee was hurting pretty early on & I was just annoyed at it. We ran through a marsh reserve which was really cool. It was definitely my favorite part of the run. From there we headed towards Revere Beach. My knee stopped hurting, but I felt like the run was taking forever. Running at the beach was the only time we did any out & back areas of the course. I didn't feel like it was bad though. There was more spectators than I would have expected along the course too. 

I was pretty hungry & the finish was right near a Wendy's. Let me tell you, Wendy's has never smelled so good! I controlled my urge to run off course & buy some fast food. The finish was so close & I crossed the finish line & noticed that Nike+ had told me that I had a half marathon PR! I grabbed a water after being given my medal & heading towards my car. There was no food at the end which was kind of crappy, but it could have been worse. I love the medal that they have out too! It is one of my favorites for sure. 

When I saw my time from run it was a little bit longer than my gps had told me. I figured it wasn't an official time just yet. What really happened was when I crossed the start line it never registered. So my "official" finish time was 2:34:36. My time based off of my gps was 2:33:17. About a 3 minute PR from DC! I'm super excited about it. 

This week/weekend will be pretty busy at work. Soon I will be running the Rock 'n Roll Providence Half! 

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