Friday, November 23, 2012


Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have, the people in your life, and helping others. Or about planning your Black Friday chaos for the next morning. I do not think any sale is worth sitting in the cold for 6 hours and risking your own life. (Sorry Mom!) This year it did seem pretty straight forward. By the time I woke up everyone was home and done with their shopping. So back to Thanksgiving.

For the half with TNT I made a goal to raise at least $1,000 by December 1. On November 1, with the help of 2 friends, I hit $1,025! I was really thankful for everyone who had donated so far. I still have a ways to go with fundraising, but I'm feeling much better about it.

I started my Thanksgiving at 5 am getting ready to run with Sean & Stan. Sean picked me up at 6 & we began our journey to Plymouth. After an experience at Dunkin Donuts, we got on the highway & soon we were in Plymouth. The 3 of us did something called the Second Helping Challenge. We did a 4.77 mile run throughout downtown Plymouth first then moved to the Pinehills for a 5k. It was fun. Even those hills downtown was an experience. We all finished. We all got medals. We even all placed in our age groups! (Sean coming in 3rd!)

After the Turkey Trot. We just have another 5k to do. No big deal.

From Plymouth I headed home to shower & change for "dinner". This year my uncle & his husband came home from NYC so we went out to eat. It was good. We all got turkey. (No surprise there!) Then we went back to my grandmother's house to eat more dessert. Yum! After watching too much Family Feud & Cash Cab we went off to the movies. We saw Lincoln. It was really good. It's long so make sure you don't eat too much turkey & haven't been up since 5 am without a nap first.

Being Black Friday, I'm off to work now! Remember to be nice to the sales people & other shoppers. No deal is worth being treating others poorly.

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