Monday, August 15, 2016

Bobby Doyle Summer Classic

Yesterday I ran the Bobby Doyle Summer Classic in Narragansett, RI.

I've run this race the past 2 years. I wasn't sure if I would go and run this one again, but after I completed a training run I signed up. I knew going into this run that I wasn't in the same shape I was last year. I also knew it was going to be hot and humid. I went into the run knowing I was going to take it as easy as I needed to and wasn't expecting anything special. I ended up finishing in 58:49! I was surprised and happy. It wasn't better than last year, but better than the first year I did it.

So what would I tell you about this race?

5 mile run
3k walk

Start Time:
9 am

Before June 1: $24
June 1-August 12: $28
Race Day Sign Ups: $34
*Proceeds support the Bobby Doyle Scholarships and Youth Running Fund

There is very little communication leading up to this race. The good thing though is that all the information is on their website. The race start time, the course, general info, etc. The race starts and ends at the Narragansett Pier Middle School. The school is open to get your bib or sign up for the race if you have not already. (This is also a great time to use a REAL bathroom! They also have porta potties if you prefer.) All registered runners get a tech t-shirt as well. They have music playing. There is parking at the middle school or the high school, which is directly behind the middle school. (I have never seen a problem with parking in the 3 years I have run this race.) When you finish the race you get a cold bottle of water and your medal. They also had a table with cups of water and gatorade if you needed it. They had a lot of pizza, fruit, doughnuts, and bagels for the runners right off to the side of the finish. They post finish times fairly quickly so you can see your official time before you leave.

The course starts and ends at the Narragansett Pier Middle School. You will take a right out of the school and take a run through a neighborhood before heading back towards the school. The 5-mile runners will go by the school and head to the end of the road. At the end of the road you will take a left before turning right to head to Ocean Drive. You will run along the water for this stretch of the race. You will soon be back in a neighborhood before heading back towards the school. There are some hills, but none that is too hard.

There are some areas that you will pass other runners. By the time I hit just after 2-miles, the pack leaders are coming through. They are fast! It's a great time to cheer on fellow runners. The course has volunteers directing you on which was to go. They also put green arrows on the ground, as well as big signage with arrows. I also noticed that the course map above was posted on telephones throughout the course.

Everyone who completes the 5-mile run will receive a medal. This years medal was a shamrock with a removable Bobby Doyle bottle opener. All runners receive a tech t-shirt. Plenty of water is available on the course. There is also plenty of water, gatorade, and food at the end of the race.

Would I recommend this race?
Absolutely! You will run with all different levels of runners which can be inspiring. The course is nice and there are great volunteers throughout. You don't have to worry about getting lost along the way. I love having the option to use a real bathroom before and after the race. If you are questioning doing this race, I would tell you that you should.

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