Saturday, April 25, 2015

Countdown to Disney

In two days I'll be back at Disney!

I feel like it's been forever since I've been, when in reality it was January.

As excited as I am to go back I'm not at the same time. I think I've just been so down for so long now I can't get that excitement back. I want this trip to be special for Carrick. (No one wants to remember having an awful time!) I also want it to be special for me. It's rare that I go somewhere that doesn't involve me running. Yes I will be participating in the last Expedition Everest Challenge a week from today, but I will also have a lot more "relaxation" time.

That changed last night! All over a silly breakfast reservation.

I had made breakfast reservations at Be Our Guest the day it opened. I've eaten lunch and dinner here before and wasn't planning on going back this time. Then they announced breakfast.
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I'm excited to try out the breakfast here. I've never been let down by food here!

Back in January I noticed a restaurant in Epcot. I've probably noticed it in prior trips, but never gave it a thought. It's called The Garden Grill.


This is a restaurant that spins (very slowly) while looking into the ride Living with the Land. I'm excited to try this place for dinner. We will be joined by Chip & Dale along with a few friends dressed in their favorite overalls.

What reservation helped change my excitement back around? 

Tusker House breakfast! I went with Nate in January and have been talking about it ever since. This was a last minute plan and I'm excited to eat delicious breakfast with Donald and the gang! 

Now I will countdown until I get a Dole Whip in my hand!

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