Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lazy Lobster Race

Today I ran in the Lazy Lobster 10-Mile race in Wareham. I had this weekend off from work, so I was searching on Active for something to do this weekend. I mean who wouldn't sign up for something called the Lazy Lobster. There were 2 options, 5-mile or 10-mile. I said I'd do the 5-mile after running all of last weekend and having the B.A.A. 10k next week. Then I saw the medal for the 10-mile and suddenly I was signed up for the 10-mile.

Like I had a choice. ©Lazy Lobster Race

Yesterday I went down to Wareham to get my bib. After a quick and easy pick up I met up with my friend Mary for dinner and movie. (What a lovely date night!) We saw The Fault in Our Stars. I just finished the book recently, so I knew what to expect during the movie. I also knew it was going to be sad and there may or may not be tears. I can't say there weren't tears, but there was not complete breakdown crying like a teenager had behind us. (But really, what?) You should go see the movie. Or read the book. Or both!

Anyways, back to the run! I arrived almost at the start time. (I should have gotten water last night, but I always put things off until last minute.) We ran throughout Wareham and a little bit through Marion. (I never knew where Marion was until today!) I saw horses and dogs and cranberry bogs. More cranberry bogs than anything else. On the 10-mile course there were 4 water stops. The last 2 stops also had Gatorade which I gladly sipped on. I felt like the course went by pretty quickly. I finished in 1:51:25 (by Nike+. I'm still waiting for the official times to be posted). I got my medal (and a shot glass), grabbed a snack and some Cran-Grape juice (thanks Ocean Spray!).
This is Louie the Lazy Lobster.
I think he's scary.

I would do this run again. They also have a virtual option so if you're not in the area you can still participate and get a medal!

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