Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Color Run

On Sunday I finally got to be part of The Color Run. I've wanted to do this run for years, but never had anyone else to do it with. A few girls at work were up to do it, so we formed a team. The run was at Patriot Place in Foxboro. The forecast was calling for rain so we were hoping that it would off until we were done. (Spoiler: it did!)

As you can see you start off really clean and by the end you are covered in colors. It was not super easy to get the color off, but not super hard either. This years theme was Shine, so there was a silver powder with sparkles in it. I'm still finding sparkles all over the place! That seemed to be the hardest to get off. I did bring baby wipes to clean what I could before the drive home. I'm so glad that we got to do this run and as a group! I don't think I would ever do this run alone, but with others absolutely! You have so much fun! I will definitely be doing this run again in the future.

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