Friday, January 18, 2013

I Ran a Marathon!

I ran a marathon. Holy crap! Let's back up.

A week ago I was doing the Disney 5k. It was during the 5k that I felt my knee. Last year during the half marathon in Disney my knee got messed up. I had no idea that it was still screwed up & this was not what I wanted to find out 2 days before I was doing a marathon. I can actually say that the 5k felt like a bigger effort than the actual marathon. I got to Epcot pretty early so I wasn't rushing to get to the proper corral. I saw a long line for something so I checked that out. It was a line to meet Mickey & Minnie. I figured why not! I've only met Princess Leia Minnie. (Don't tell them, but they are my least favorite.) So I took my picture before the 5k than moved over to the corral.

 I finished the 5k in a little over 38 minutes. Not my best, but I've gotten faster each time I've done the 5k in Disney. After the 5k I went to the parks & hung out with my friend, Ryan.

On Sunday I had to get up way too early to head back to Epcot for the marathon. Waiting around for the marathon to start is like watching water boil. Eventually I got to move to my corral. A little after 6 am I begun my first marathon.

Jack & Sally!
When I met with my campaign coordinator, Whitney, to talk about TNT she told me she felt humbled by the marathons she had done. I didn't understand that until Sunday. A mile or two after this photo was taken I was thinking "Oh my God, I'm part of a marathon! Holy crap!" (I was trying not to swear. I got through most of the marathon actually!) You can't tell by this photo, but the temperature was climbing. It reached 85 with humidity of 95%. It was not a great way to run, but it wasn't 20 out there either. When I saw that finish line I thought about a few years ago. I was at another job with people who told me I was stupid for thinking I could do a 5k. When I said I was going to a half marathon I was laughed at. I thought "Look at me now. I just did a fucking marathon." (I told you I didn't swear until the last mile!) I'm really proud of myself that I finished this. I can say that I don't want to do another one thats for sure.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

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